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Here you can find our current productions, including a synopsis, cast, production status, stills and a sizzle reel.

Status: still in production


Title:  "The voice of the small town"

Synopsis: "Several unsolved death crimes are holding breath of the town  Mount Vernon, Texas. Two detectives, as different they can get, are on this case. Detective Emilie Robins, quirky, loner, red-haired widow, near retirement and her new partner, a quiet opposite figure: John Martin, New York fashion victim, singer and always a smile on his face. The death of first sight random people is an opening for a big case, where Mount Vernon is just a facade for an international organized crime. One day an au-pair from France is the best help the two detectives can get." 


Genre: Thriller, film noir

Language shot in English

Aspect ratio: 2.39:1, color, stereo

Status: post-production

Title:  "The last days of democracy" 

Synopsis: "A young journalist from Russia is chosen by the underground movement, that plans to reveal all the data the government is holding back after the third virus wave."


Genre: Thriller, 

Language shot in English

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